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Our medical bath is looking back to a history of 20 years. The utilisation of the 72°C sodium hydrogen-carbonate thermal water coming to surface as a side-product of a thermal carbonic hydrogen research agent has been started in 1984.

Besides the initial open-air pool, our imposing wooden structure hall has received place, in which a 36 and a 38°C temperature curing pool, as well as a 25 meters overflowing surface swimming pool, sauna, cold water dipping-pool and a solarium is allocated in. In the open-air section, a full year open curing pool is also waiting for the relaxing, healing guests.

Besides the rheumatic medical consultation, based on our medical water  and the knowledge and experience of our qualified experts, we provide more medical bathing services to be used with social security support.

On the area of the a approximately 20 hectares bath covered with green lawn and trees, besides the pleasures of bathing, sun-tanning there are manifold opportunities also for sporting and other pastimes: there are volleyball fields, badminton fields, mini-golf field, playground, giant chess, foot-tennis field, basketball field, and during night-time bathing even body conditioning hall are also waiting our guests. In 2004, a more than 100 m2 area, high standard resting hall has been added to the covered area of the bath.

In the direct neighbourhood of the bath, there are restaurants in operation, while the pavilions on the bath area provide fast-food options as well.

To complete the bath services, refreshing and medical massages, solarium, sauna are to the disposal of our guests. A bath is open daily from 9 to 19 o’clock, in winter months (in the period between September and March) from 9 to 18 o’clock waiting for its kind guests.

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