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Our camping of two stars is lying on approximately 5 hectares, 3 kilometres from the bustling noise of the town, in trimmed, parked surrounding. Our green lawn, our trees giving shadow, our quiet camping – all are favourite ports of destination to our returning guests from early spring to late fall, for already 20 years. What is waiting for you in Kiskunmajsa, in the camping of the Jonathermál Rt.? Primarily clean, trimmed surrounding, silence, quietness, polite attendance.

On the area of the camping everybody may pitch his tent, park his caravan or mobile home at the most convenient location. Our camping capacity is suitable for the reception of approximately 200 camping units at a time. The electricity supply opportunity is settled on the whole area (6 Ampere).

Our installed tents mean option of accommodation for fellowship companies or student groups. Our tents make convenient accommodation possible for 6-12 persons, equipped with electricity, beds, bed-linen – providing optimal possibility for organising class-excursions, student camps. Our water block provides neat washing, cleaning and cooking possibilities for our camping guests.

There are foodstuff and drugstore shops also functioning on the area of our camping seasonally.

In the building of our reception a drink-bar has been placed, and phoning possibility is to the disposal of our guests around the clock.

NTAK regisztrációs szám: Jonathermál Kemping – KE19007916

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