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Aroma bath


The tangentor treatment is actually an individualized underwater massage with adjustable high pressure water in a special tub filled with medicinal water. During the treatment, the mechanical and thermal effects of water are used to vibrate soft tissues, thereby stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation and increasing metabolism. Tangentor treatment contributes to the detoxification of the body, strengthens the immune system and relieves stress and improves skin elasticity.

  • Individual treatment program 15 minutes

Aroma bath

Aroma baths combine the benefits of spa treatments and aromatherapy treatments. Essential oils evaporate from the surface of hot water within minutes: they are absorbed into the body by inhalation and through the skin, and are delivered directly to almost every cell through the bloodstream. Aroma baths have a beneficial effect on blood circulation and help to remove metabolic products from our body. Depending on the fragrances, they reduce stress, promote relaxation, soothe, or even invigorate, energize.

  • Stress relieving aroma bath 15 minutes
  • Relaxing aroma bath 15 minutes
  • Tranquilizing aroma bath 15 minutes

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